Why Hakuba?

Why Hakuba?

Hakuba has often been dwarfed, in terms of popularity, for it’s northern neighbour, Niseko, with teems of tourists heading for Hokkaido every year. And it’s not hard to see why with seasonal snowfall in excess of 10 metres. Even after the Nagano Olympics it seems Hakuba was off the radar as thousands from Australia and abroad did the annual pilgrimage to north to Niseko.

For a long time that has meant Hakuba has been a haven for powder but without lift lines. Hakuba gets nearly as much snow annually as Niseko but has much better terrain in comparison and a greater variety of choice when it comes to skiing and snowboarding.

With more on offer Hakuba is fast becoming the newest hot spot for international tourists as skiers and snowboarders seek variety. If you haven’t yet come to Hakuba the the time is now to organise your next winter holiday.

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